Work Of Art
Work Of Art

  • allow me to reintroduce...

    I Am A Work Of Art... & So Are You!

    Created in 2017, after the birth of my son, Work Of Art is a lifestyle brand + blog inspiring others to live their best life!

    We understand that life can be a challenge but, we encourage you to accept just that.
    Work of Art connects to others via blog posts, events, and we plan to connect with other brands in the future. 

    Who is Nelly Bankss?

    My name is Chanel DeBrouex but others know me as NellyBankss. I have been in the process of creating this for some time. Becoming a mom has inspired me to paint the life I wish to have for my son, Noah Cash. Today, I am a female, writer, and #workofart who wishes to create, express, and learn.   

    Thank you for finding your way to my site. Work of Art was curated for those who do not have it all together but, they are working everyday to figure life out!

    It signifies that those appealing to the eye make mistakes too! 

    What matters most is that you are a masterpiece of beauty and inspiration both inside and out.